My paintings explore different levels of the human condition and the inescapable aspects of being an individual. Creating a visual language through color and expressive brushstroke, my narrative is invoked through three different bodies of work addressing the divergent aspects of emotion collectively.
The “Midnight Cravings” are a series of paintings that address desire and yearning. Enticing our most primal impulses that should not always be satiated.The foods I paint are real guilty pleasures that intrigue and taunt the senses.These indulgences ignite a raw hunger through irresistible food fantasies.
My interpretation of the figure can be explained through color choice and diverse paint applications to express and interpret the individual. These figures represent the experience of life and introspection, often contemplating their own elusive existentialism.
Strength, sensitivity and beauty are the landmarks that inspire these wide open spaces. By conveying the mysteries of these unrevealed vistas, my landscapes represent raw passion and a sense of awe with the world around us.
Artist Statement:
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